A Design System with Direction
Role Creative Director, Lead Designer
Applications Illustrator, Photoshop, XD, Procreate, Lightroom
Skills Style Guide Design, Typography, Colour Theory, UI/UX Design, Prototyping, Digital Asset Management, Icon Design, Illustration, Photography Image Editing, Video Editing.
Part of the Wanuskewin website redesign was building a design system for direction and guidance while building out the full website. Wanuskewin needed an easy-to-navigate digital document for stakeholders to reference and we needed our in-house web developers able to grab assets and specs.
I was able to visit Wanuskewin Heritage Site with my camera to capture a self-guided personal experience. Inspired by my visit and research of regenerative tourism, Wanuskewin, the Plains Indigenous history and culture, the final product is a living digital document that is growing and adapting during the web design process. It’s currently a baseline guide to building the skeleton site. In the future, it can be converted into an editable PDF and will stand as a reference for future collateral for the stakeholders. A good design system can be thorough and precise and should also leave wiggle room for new creativity.
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