Collage Art Theatre Posters
Role Lead Designer
Team Island Web Design & Creative
Applications Photoshop, MidJourney
Skills Digital Collage Art, Large Format Design, Image Editing, Typography, Layout, Digital Asset Management
Persephone Theatre was in search of fresh ideas and a creative approach for their 2022-23 season posters. While representing each play they also wanted the season to have a unified look. A series of eight shows with an audience ranging from youth and teens to adults. They were looking for an initial poster design to be printed at a maximum size of 48×72 and then digital assets could be used by their in-house team for their print collateral, website, social media, and billboards.
We created the initial poster designs sized at 24x36 which allowed for upscaling without losing quality. All digital assets were systematically organized within Photoshop so anyone working with the source file could easily export necessary assets. It was amazing to see how they resized the designs and added their spin with animations bringing the posters to life. Our web developer was appreciative of the ease of accessing the individual assets for web animations. Persephone Theatre was so happy with the designs that they hired us again for the following season which was launched in early March 2023. The Fiancee poster was so well received and inspiring that another theatre company in Canada has requested to license the design.
2022/23 Season
2023/24 Season
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