Recycling Heroes and Villains
Role Lead Designer
Team Island Web Design & Creative
Applications Procreate, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, XD
Skills Creative Direction, Illustration, Typography, Poster Design, Social Media Design, Motion Graphics, Copywriting
SARCAN wanted to let everyone know how important it is to recycle batteries. Their key objectives were to increase the percentage of households who know they can recycle batteries, increase the volume of batteries collected, and increase brand awareness for Call2Recycle. Their concept was a campaign in the style of the retro superhero genre. They were looking for a creative design to inspire customers to go to heroic lengths to find and recycle household batteries at SARCAN.
The campaign was well received. Inspiring customers to recycle batteries and share their heroism. Five villains were created to represent the most common household batteries. Villain persona cards were designed like trading cards, providing helpful information on why and how to recycle each battery type. A poster was designed in the style of a retro comic book cover. Social media posts were designed to reach a broad audience. Animated gifs were created to bring life to the characters.
Sketches to Procreate 
Villains with Custom Names
Animated GIFs for Social Media and Website
VDA Display at Recycling Depots
Social Media Villain Personas
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