"Our designer, Nicole, is beyond talented and brings precision and vision to projects like we have never seen before."

Island Web Design & Creative - Persephone Theatre Posters

What I Do
I specialize in UI design and editorial design with a strong photography background. 
I am a true introvert. Working on my own and remotely is my forte. Highly self-motivated and personally disciplined. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone into teamwork and going into the office…once in a while. My work is known for its intention and creativity.
How I Do It
Naturally curious, unconventional, and entrepreneurial, embracing opportunities for change and exploration. I capture widespread attention through colourful words, ideas, and actions. I apply innovation and passion to persuade, influence, attract, and inspire everyone I encounter in person and through design.
When everyone gets nervous about the unexpected that lies ahead, I drive a team forward. I think BIG, thriving on uncertainty, and unafraid to take risks.
I am a creative, out-of-the-box thinker, associating freely to come up with unique ideas. I enjoy the uncertainty of trying something new. I look for fresh approaches and innovative ideas. People can count on me to turn standard formulas into a surprising new twist. Challenging the status quo, I see opportunities everywhere, and I enjoy working against the grain, standing out and bringing a dash of unexpected humour to liven up our meetings. I can present ideas with genuine excitement and engage listeners with emotion and enthusiasm rather than rational arguments.

Self Portrait, 2023

Shot with Canon 5D Mark II, 70-200 mm lens. Tethered to MacBook Pro using Lightroom. Elinchrome strobe light with softbox at camera left. Sitting on a short stool, looking out the window, laughing all by myself. Processed in Lightroom. Edited in Photoshop. Made for you.

Where I Came From
I grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan and ran away to the big city and studied photography at the Alberta University of the Arts in Calgary. Snagged a BFA and a soulmate (aka husband) while there. 
Fast forward a couple of decades, a career as a photo editor and professional photographer, two teenagers, and a happy family who I can successfully cook eggs for without burning.
Where I'm Going
Today, I am a graphic designer currently in Saskatoon, who was a professional photographer in another life. Over the past year and a half, I have been working with Island Web Design & Creative as their lead designer.
Gaining client experiences across a range of industries including hospitality & tourism, heritage parks, art museums, mining, home building, charitable foundations, public library, and food & beverage.

Let's Work Together
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