Inspired by the high-class music industry and their energetic stage performances of Munro & Patrick Music, we wanted to play with the idea of allowing the website to show the many sides of Heidi Munro and Scott Patrick. The Projects page allows us to expand the site as they grow musically. Their audience is event promoters and people wanting to book professional, talented musicians for private events.
Music Video
“Give Me Your Rain”, is the title track from Munro & Patrick’s first studio album. Their powerful and emotional vocals combine to take this song to another level, at times tender and intimate and in the next breath gritty and full of soul. The raw and honest lyrics are the backbone of the song and evoke a longing to be woken and live free, honestly and with passion.
The filming of this video portrays a live-off-the-floor session in a recording studio. The handheld camera movements and black and white grading emphasize the true raw grit of the song. 

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